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Expat Services

No matter if you are a digital nomad who is planning to work remotely from Georgia, going for a contract, searching for a more friendly place to run your business, or just looking for a new life destination. We know that you have a lot on your mind, a lot of preparations, and closing many cases. It makes you feel overloaded.

And yet you would like to find out more about Georgia, find an apartment or a house, perhaps buy a car, find out what to do and where to go in the new country to get things done.

You can search for information on your own, but you cannot be sure that what you find, it is something you can rely on. And, what is most important, you cannot be sure it is up-to-date. That's why you need experts who will advise you before you start your journey. Experts who will be your guide in Georgia.

Because you do not know the language, because the culture is different, because you need a moment to adapt to new conditions. And you have so many questions running through your mind.

At IBCCS Georgia we want to help you with all the individual and corporate solutions in one place. And we want you to feel safe and comfortable when making decisions on the spot.

You can rely on us.

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Legal Support

Whenever going to a new country to work or simply to live, knowledge of the law is essential. We will provide you with high-quality support and assistance in this field. And help you to navigate the complexities of life in Georgia.


We truly understand the legal needs of expatriates and work hard to ensure that all our clients have the resources and guidance they need. That is why we want to offer you comprehensive legal assistance.


Our services in this area include but are not limited to:

  • Business registration;

  • Opening a bank account;

  • Translation of documents;

  • Notarial certification of documents;

  • Advisory on investments;

  • Litigations;

and much more.

You will get the best possible outcome from legal procedures. Our team has a thorough understanding of the local laws and regulations in Georgia, which allows us to guide you through any legal matters swiftly and accurately.
Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you will have all the resources you need to handle any legal matters with confidence.

You can feel safe while working with us.

Taxation Questions

Tax issues always evoke emotions and attract a lot of attention.


Our superior skilled team provides comprehensive consulting services to help you as an expat, to navigate through the local rules and regulations giving you peace of mind that you are in compliance with the law.


Our services in this field include advisory on:

  • Tax residency;

  • Tax rates in Georgia;

  • Advance Rulings from tax authorities

  • Deductions;

  • Incentives for different types of businesses.

The IBCCS Georgia team is also experienced in providing advice on the best strategies for minimizing taxation and helping expats optimize their earnings.

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IBCCS Georgia offers a complete suite of relocation services both for corporate and individual clients.


Our expert consultants provide advice and assistance throughout the process of:

  • Immigration support;

  • Transport of vehicles;

  • Pet transfer;

  • Finding storage solutions;

  • Finding an apartment or a house.


In addition, our robust network of contacts in the expat community will give you access to valuable resources that can help make the transition smoother. We provide valuable insight into relevant cultural customs, facilitate introductions with other founders or personnel, and provide support throughout the entire relocation process.

Real Estate

Looking for an apartment to rent, the perfect property to buy or an office for your business?


We know everything about the Real Estate market in Georgia and with our expert guidance, you will quickly and easily find the perfect property that meets all your needs. ​


We provide legal advice and support to ensure you navigate:

  • the paperwork and regulations;

  • applying for mortgages, finding the best rates;

  • renovation;

  • finding tenants;

  • full property management.

Our team of experienced professionals has a passion for helping clients make informed decisions. We take care of the full process so you do not have to worry about anything. Everything under one roof.


Let us assist you in finding a home or the ideal space for your business.

Bank of Georgia building Tbilisi

Residency in Georgia

Georgia became an important jurisdiction in international tax planning, offering a tax-friendly environment, and a stable legal and banking system.

Located in the Caucasus region, Georgia is a gateway between Europe and Asia, and its economy is highly integrated with regional and international markets.

At the moment Georgia is ranked 7th place in the world for ease of doing business and is becoming one of the most attractive countries to relocate.

The main benefits of obtaining Georgian residency are:

  • No taxation of certain foreign source income (e.g. foreign dividends)

  • No taxation of cryptocurrency on a personal level

  • No CRS (Common Reporting Standard)

  • Low taxation of Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

  • Double Taxation Treaty (DDT) with 56 countries.

According to the Georgian immigration law, to be recognized as a Tax resident, presence on the territory of Georgia is required for 183 days or more in any continuous calendar 12 months.

If you consider Georgian residency, there are several options to fulfill the requirements:

1. Working Permit

Incorporation of a Georgian entity and becoming an employer of this company.


Note: Annual turnover from this Georgian entity must be at least 50 000 GEL per employed foreigner and a salary should be according to the minimum income av. EUR 450 per month

2. Purchase of an immovable property

Minimal evaluated value of 100 000 USD (equivalent in national currency)

3. Investing in Georgia

The minimal amount of the investment 300 000 USD (equivalent in national currency)

Note: The Investment cannot be considered as procurement of the property or any other movable or immovable assets. It should employ at least 3 Georgian residents.

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